Replace In Files Add-in for Visual C++

The Witzend ReplaceInFiles™ Add-in gives Microsoft Visual C++ one-step search and replace for all files in a project. It merges seamlessly into the Visual C++ environment, adding a new Replace in Files command to the Edit menu.

Visual Studio .NET user? You’ll want to check out the .NET version instead.
Same speed, same great features: ReplaceInFiles for Visual Studio .NET


The Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual C++ 5 and 6 gives you fast one-step search and replace for all source files in a Visual C++ project. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in attaches so transparently to the Visual Studio environment that the only outward change to Visual Studio is a new Replace in Files command added to the environment’s Edit menu. Simply choose the command to activate the ReplaceInFiles Add-in. Behind the scenes, the Add-in communicates with Visual Studio via COM interfaces.

The ReplaceInFiles Add-in offers a wealth of features that give you plenty of control over the search process:

  • Date and size filters — You can restrict a search to files within a specified range of size or date. For example, search and replace only in those files between 10K and 50K in size and dated within the last month.

  • Case sensitivity and whole-word searching — Case sensitivity and whole-word searching. Specify case sensitivity (find Abc but not abc) and whole-word filters (find any but not anywhere).

  • Confirm replacements — The ReplaceInFiles Add-in allows you to confirm each replacement before it is made. Each located string is shown highlighted in context, allowing you to click a Yes or No button to confirm or disallow the replacement.

  • Search nested folders — ReplaceInFiles optionally “drills down” through nested subdirectories, ensuring that all files in a project are searched.

  • Automatic file backup — ReplaceInFiles Add-in can automatically backup each file before revising it. The feature is intelligent, backing up only revised files and giving each the same name as the original file with a numeric addition.

  • Online help — The interface is very intuitive for the Visual C++ user, but if you have a question, an extensive online Users Guide is always available. Or you can activate the “question mark” button on the ReplaceInFiles dialog and click any feature for a detailed description.

  • Text that spans lines — Locate strings that start on one line and end on another.

  • Find non-printing characterss — Find text containing any ANSI character using normal C-style escape sequences like \n for newline and \t for tab.

  • Backup folder — Optionally store a project’s backup files in a single subfolder.

  • Condensed pathnames — Ensures you can always read a filename, no matter how long the path. A tooltip shows the complete path.

Technical Specifications

All of the ReplaceInFiles Add-in’s core functions are written in hand-optimized assembly language, ensuring minimum size and maximum speed. A hundred replacements in a dozen source files, for example, take less than a second on a typical mid-range machine.

The ReplaceInFiles Add-in communicates with Visual Studio using COM interfaces to merge with the environment. The add-in file is 90K in size with a base address designed for rapid loading. All settings persist between Visual Studio sessions through the use of a small INI file.


Download a free evaluation copy of the ReplaceInFiles Add-in! It’s a fully functioning version that allows you to use the ReplaceInFiles Add-in as often as you wish for up to 30 days. Click here to download:

ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual C++ 5.0 and 6.0 (190K)

After downloading the Setup program, simply run it to install the ReplaceInFiles evaluation version.  Setup suggests an installation folder where Developer Studio can automatically find the add-in files, and also offers to display a Readme file. You should at least browse through the Readme, which contains interesting details about your new ReplaceInFiles Add-in.

Includes an uninstaller, activated through Add/Remove Programs.

NOTE This version of the ReplaceInFiles Add-in supports only Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 and 6.0. If your programming environment is Visual Studio .NET, this is not the right version. You want its twin: ReplaceInFiles for Visual Studio .NET



The Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in available for a one-time license fee of $39.95 US, which includes:

  • 30-day warranty
  • Free technical support throughout the warranty period
  • Complete on-line documentation

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