Programming tools for Windows and the Web

Our product line caters to programmers working to create great applications for Windows and the Web. We also offer the Witzend Index System, designed for book publishers and writers.

Witzend Search Library

Need fast search/replace capabilities for your Windows applications or Web page? The Witzend Search Library provides optimized search routines that include lightning fast file searching and/or replacing. The unlimited license includes the Search Library in two forms, as a fast dynamic link library and as an ActiveX control.

Download the WitzDemo program for a demonstration. WitzDemo is a free (and very useful) utility that demonstrates the Search Library’s speed and flexibility, quickly locating files on your hard disk that contain given words or phrases. Includes uninstaller.

Witzend Thumbnail Image Viewer

Instantly add a graphics thumbnail viewer to your Windows application or Web page with this fast ActiveX control. It displays views in any size of images contained in graphics files, recognizing all common formats including GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, ICO, CUR, WMF, and EMF.

Download a free image viewer utility. WitzImg lets you browse through your graphics files, and displays a quick thumbnail view of each selected image. Includes uninstaller.

Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual Studio.NET and Visual C++

This is the feature that Microsoft left out of Visual C++: global search and replace for all source files in your project. For Visual Studio.NET, the ReplaceInFiles Add-in just makes it better. Either way, the Add-in integrates seamlessly into the Visual Studio environment

Download a full-featured evaluation copy. Choose the version right for you:

Visual Studio 2002 and higher: ReplaceInFiles for Visual Studio .NET
Visual C++ version 5 and 6: ReplaceInFiles for Visual C++

Either version lets you try the ReplaceInFiles component for 30 days with no obligations. Includes uninstaller.

Witzend Index System

The Witzend Index System creates a concordance index for books and other large written works, allowing instant full-text searches of contents. It's like an electronic book index that never fails!

Witzend Editor

Small and lightning fast, the Witzend Editor is a DOS-based text editor that is ideal when you don't need all the features of a huge word processor.

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