Witzend Thumbnail Image Viewer

ActiveX control displays any-size thumbnail views of graphics files

April, 2014 -- Witzend Software announces the latest release of its Thumbnail Image Viewer, an ActiveX control that does just what its name promises. In a window of any dimensions from postage-stamp size to full screen, the Thumbnail Image Viewer accurately renders displays of graphics images, just as they would appear at their normal size. The component recognizes most of the common graphics formats in use today, including GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP (bitmap), ICO (icon), CUR (cursor), WMF (Windows metafile), and EMF (enhanced metafile).

The component's newest release offers improved drag-and-drop capabilities. An image can be dragged from nearly any source -- even off a Web page displayed in a browser -- and dropped onto the Thumbnail Image Viewer for immediate rendering.

In the past, programs have used solutions such as Microsoft Internet Explorer to show GIF and JPEG images in a window. But such techniques almost always result in a full-sized image, not a true thumbnail sketch, forcing the user to manipulate scroll bars to see the full picture. The Witzend product overcomes this shortcoming. Designed for Windows applications and Web-page scripts that browse for files, the Thumbnail Image Viewer quickly shoehorns an image into even the tiniest of windows, displaying a miniature version of how the image appears in its full size. This allows an application to easily convey to the user what a selected graphics file looks like.

As is proper for component software, the Thumbnail Image Viewer operates with complete independence. It does not rely on auxiliary helper files such as the Microsoft Foundation Class library (MFC) or the Active Template Library (ATL). The Thumbnail Viewer runs as a licensed ActiveX control, and is available royalty-free for $49.95 US. The license includes a 30-day return guarantee and free technical support.

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