The pocket word processor ™

The Witzend Editor is ideal when you don’t need all the features of a large word processor. The DOS-based Witzend Editor makes writing simpler and more productive, perfect for older systems and  for those people who work at least occasionally in DOS. The Editor’s small size may seem to belie its many abilities:

  • On-line help
  • Cut/copy/paste up to 64k
  • Recall and edit previous commands
  • Edit large documents
  • Import file into document
  • Search forward or backward
  • Search/replace all or part
  • Word wrap
  • Multiple undelete
  • Edit two documents at once
  • Document comparisons
  • Automatic horizontal scrolling
  • Drop-down menusp
  • Cut/copy/paste columns
  • 43/50-line mode
  • Temporary exit to DOS
  • Print entire document or segment
  • Run programs from Editor
  • Print to disk
  • Go to specified row or page
  • Sorting
  • 100,000-word spell checker
  • File management
  • Customizable

The Editor easily handles large files over 500K in size ŻŻ more than 350 double-spaced pages. Document workspace stays entirely in memory so response is exceptionally quick. The Editor creates standard ASCII text files that you can share with other applications. It loads and saves documents nearly instantly and is completely compatible with Windows.

Every feature reflects the Editor’s philosophy of simplicity and intelligence. For example, the most common commands, such as search and cut-and-paste, require only a single keystroke.


  • Menus — Drop-down menus keep the Editor’s screen clean and uncluttered. A shortcut key lets you activate any menu command without going through the menu system.
  • File management — Select files from a directory list that you can sort by filename, extension, file size, or file date. You can also delete, copy, and move files, create subdirectories, and search files for specified text.
  • Columnar cut-and-paste — Easily mark, move, and copy columnar blocks of text.
  • Recall previous commands — A keystroke lets you recall and reuse a search phrase or filename without having to retype it.
  • Multiple undelete — Restore whole sections of deleted text with an elegantly simple command. Page backward or forward through your deletions ŻŻ the Editor displays each deletion highlighted at the cursor position. Just select the one you want.
  • Spell-checking — Verify spelling in your document with a 100,000-word dictionary. Check the entire document, a single page, or any marked section.
  • Dual document editing — The Editor can handle two documents at once in resizable windows, each with its own color scheme. View documents split-screen or full-screen, and easily copy text between them.
  • Document comparisons — Instantly determine how (or if) two text documents differ. Split-screen viewing shows any differences highlighted in each window.
  • Long file names — When running under Windows 95 and higher, the Witzend Editor recognizes and displays long file names (up to 38 characters).

Free Download

Download a working version of the Witzend Editor and try it out. Choose either of the following downloads; both create the same great program that has all the capabilities of the commercial version of the Editor except for file saving:

Setup9.exe 260k Windows-based self-extracting setup program 200k standard ZIP file

If you are running Windows, choose the Setup9 program since it automatically configures the Editor during installation. If you download and open the file instead, run the WeCustom program after unzipping to set the location of the Editor’s dictionary file.


The Witzend Editor costs only $19.95 US, which includes:

  • 30-day warranty
  • Free technical support throughout the warranty period
  • On-line documentation and configuration program
  • Editor’s attractive 40-page Users Guide booklet (optional -- add $7 for shipping and handling)

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Witzend Editor